Runescape Merchanting Dos and Don’ts

Runescape Merchanting is a process which is easy to begin but difficult to master, and unlike many things in both the real world and in rs 07 gold there are definitely some definitive rules you can put in place which means you’re more likely to win more of the time, and when you do win maximize your profits – which as a Runescape Merchanter is obviously going to be top of your agenda.

I think one really important thing not to do is invest all of your capital in one item for a number of reasons. Firstly, even if you are good at picking items which rise in value you can have an 80% success rate but it still means you’re going to lose 2 in 10. Furthermore, there’s no reason to suggest that those 2 in ten or those 4 in 20 couldn’t all be together in one row. By investing perhaps 20-25% of your wealth you’re still bringing home large profits but you’re not compromising your entire bank. If the item dramatically drops in value and you’ve invested all of your gold which for the sake of ease happens to be 100 million gold, it means you could potentially lose most if not all of your cash. Of course an item dropping 90% of its value is unlikely it’s by no means unheard of, and so my first don’t is to make sure you invest just 1/5 of your total bank value in any one investment. You could spend weeks if not months building up only to lose it all. If you’re investing 20% it’s not everything you have so you’re protecting yourself, but 20% is still a decent amount of money to get a return on for anyone which means it’ll stay exciting for you.

A Runescape ‘do’ is to try and build up an online presence and create excitement for the item you’ve invested in. When people want to check out the price of an item they’ll often check the Runescape forums and look at what people are buying and selling the items for. This is a really good way to gauge the actual price of items by the way, but more importantly there’s nothing wrong with adding your own offers to the forums for the items you’ve got stocked up and inflating the prices slightly. If you and several friends post like this on the forums, stating you want to buy an item for 2 million gp instead of 1.5 million. Then people will start selling it on the Grand Exchange for this which means that you could artificially push the price for your item up and net yourself a decent profit.

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